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Success Stories

There are thousands of success stories, worldwide.

We have a few brave patients below who have sent us their story

"There has been blood in my urine since 2005, finally, a doctor who listens to me"


Mayela's Story


Mayela’s UTI's started in 1995. Her symptoms were so horrific she even had blood in her urine but was never taken seriously because all her tests came back negative for infection. She did have many 3 day courses of antibiotics where symptoms subsided but soon returned after.


This led her to many years of suffering and undertreatment/mistreatment of her UTI which at that point became chronic. Mayela is now in treatment with Dr. Stewart Bundrick, a US based chronic UTI specialist and is finally feeling relief. She also talks about her 2 children who have suffered with UTI's.



"I have my life back"
Phoebe's Story

Phoebe's UTI started when she was just a teenager. She tried to flush her symptoms away with cranberry sachets and lots of water. 2 weeks later she saw herself in a desperate state in the doctors surgery. She was prescribed 3 days worth of antibiotics and her nightmare of recurring symptoms started. Many years passed and was told she had no infection, her symptoms were ignored. Phoebe spent years searching for answers and undergoing painful bladder instillations for some relief. Her GP would often give Phoebe 3-7 days worth of antibiotics just for her symptoms to return weeks later. One day she found a blog on Chronic Urinary Tract Infections. This was a LIGHTBULB moment. Phoebe started treatment with long term high dose antibiotics and Methenamine (Hiprex) under Harley Street, within a year, she had her life back. She notes that flares have become less frequent and thanks to "Cystitis Unmasked" she understands how flaring is normal and a part of the treatment process.


"I was bed bound for such a long time, I am forever grateful for Professor Malone Lee's work, without him I dread to think where I would be. I am now living my life almost symptom free, I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel."

"A doctor told me I will have to live with this and to get on with it!"

Helen's Story

Helen's first UTI began in 2020. She went to bed one night only to be awakened by the awful pain of a UTI!

She was given 3 days of antibiotics from her GP and then a month later got another attack. Same 3 day protocol happened but with no success in easing her pain.


Helen then started to suffer with daily UTI symptoms - pelvic pain, urgency, frequency and severe bladder pain. All tests started to come back negative with the NHS cultures and was dismissed as having no infection. A doctor actually told her she will just have to live with it and hopes it settles!


Helen then found Dr. Anderson who is a chronic UTI specialist and had her urine sent off to her lab to be tested via broth culture and she was then diagnosed with a chronic UTI and finally felt listened to!


She is now currently undergoing treatment successfully and has finally been given hope to getting well again.



"It's only cystitis, take some cranberry, my life WAS hell!"

Kyla's Story

It all started back in my late teens when I was suffering with UTIs on a regularly basis by my early 20s it was such a problem it took over my life and the GP no longer knew what to do with me so referred me to a urologist. I had so many scans, investigations, a cystoscopy and had stents put it. Nothing helped, if anything it got worse. He put me on antibiotics for a 6 weeks but they didn’t help. He discharged me back to my GP as there was nothing more he could do for me. Then I met a GP who said there was a specialist who works upstairs to our doctors surgery, it was my last option. The specialist was Professor Malone-Lee.

The first appointment I had with him he looked me straight in the eye and promised me he would get me better. I was at my wits end, I never thought I would ever be pain free or live a normal life again. No one seemed to understand my illness or how it was feeling. It was unbearable and I was sick of hearing....

“It’s only cystitis, take some cranberry “ my life was hell!

Prof put me on long term antibiotics. It’s been a long, bumpy and experimental journey and it’s 10 years now and I can finally say I’m on the final leg of this journey and Prof kept to his promise.



Helen shares her story with us on our YouTube channel

Mayela shares her story with us on our YouTube channel

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