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  • Chronic UTI Clinic at The Portland (Private)

The Portland Hospital

212 Great Portland Street. London W1W 5QN

Telephone +44 (0) 20 7182 7724



PA: Alison P

"We provide a patient centered and holistic care model in the management of chronic UTI, pelvic floor symptoms and gynecological conditions. The specialists in this service are experienced Consultants in Gynecology and Urogynecology, and leading specialist in the field of Chronic UTI. The service provides patient centered care with a face-to-face consultation to discuss your symptoms, an examination and urine microscopy. Your specialist will discuss treatment options including treatments for bladder infection, vaginal health, menopause management, pain management, physiotherapy, and psychological support. If additional investigations are needed these are discussed at your consultation. Our management protocols are based on robust research work from the translation research program established by Professor Malone lee and now known as the Bladder Infection and Immunity Group (UCL)."

Specialists in the Service:

Miss Rajvinder Khasriya


Miss Rajvinder Khasriya is an experienced consultant Gynaecologist with Subspecialist training in Urogynaecology. She has 16 years clinical research experience in recurrent and chronic urinary tract infection, pelvic pain, and she also see’s patients for problems with prolapse, incontinence and general gynaecology conditions.


She is a Consultant in Urogynecology at the Whittington Hospital and UCLH and lead for the Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Service at Whittington Health, a unique Tertiary center for the treatment and study of chronic UTI, she runs a Pelvic Pain clinic jointly with the Pain Management center UCLH.


Miss Khasriya has an academic appointment at UCL and is the clinical principal investigator for the Bladder Infection Immunity Group (BIIG). Her Clinical research interests lie in chronic UTI; diagnostic methods, pathophysiology and treatment. 

Miss Kiren Gill


Miss Kiren Gill is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at the Whittington Health NHS Trust. She has a specialist interest in Urogynecology, the pelvic floor and recurrent and chronic urinary tract infection (UTI). She sees patients with problems with prolapse, lower urinary tract symptoms including incontinence, urogenital symptoms of the menopause and general gynecological concerns. Miss Gill has an academic interest in recurrent and chronic UTI and is an Associate Honorary Professor in the Institute of Women’s health at UCL.

  • Harley Street (Private) can treat UK & Internationally

The late Professor James Malone-Lee's team

Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Clinic at 10 Harley Street

Email for booking:

Medical Secetary: Martel Daley-Peat

Clinical and prescription emails:


Accounts email:

You will be offered the choice of a specialist when you contact them. All team members have trained under the late Professor James Malone-Lee


Specialists are:

Dr Matthew Malone-Lee


Main Specialty Genitourinary medicine

Other Specialty 1General practice

Dr Edward Harvey

GP with interests in chronic urinary tract infection and musculoskeletal medicine

Dr Sheela Swamy


Gynaecologist Consultant with a specialist interest in chronic UTI

A patient attending for an appointment will be asked to provide a fresh urine sample on site and will receive an email, copying the GP, from Professor Malone-Lee’s team around 24 hours afterwards with the results of the microscopy and any treatment recommendations, as well as any necessary medication changes. Private patients cannot drop samples in for analysis. A prior appointment must be arranged, and the sample must be fresh.


You will be offered the choice of specialist when you contact them. All team members have trained under the late Professor

Harley Street is no longer accepting appointments through private health insurance; self-funding only.

  • NHS LUTS Clinic 

Dr Rajvinder Khasriya

In order to be referred to this service, an NHS consultant must fill out the appropriate referral form and send it back to the email address below. They do not accept self, GP or private referrals.


Appointment Co-ordinator and Clinic Receptionist: Caitlin


Telephone: 020 3288 3898

Email for Booking:


The NHS clinic is located at the Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London, N19 5NF. The clinic is at 4C Outpatients and is clearly signposted.

Your first appointment will be an onsite urine analysis. The urine sample needs to be fresh, i.e. no more than two hours old, so it can be looked at immediately, as a delay in examination can affect the accuracy of results.


The tests are different to standard NHS urine testing so a sample at your local clinic would not be appropriate.


Following the urine analysis, they will organise a telephone appointment to discuss the next steps and treatment. Patients are expected to travel to the clinic to provide the sample, regardless of their location in the country. Occasionally, they can offer a telephone appointment without urine analysis, although clinicians will not be able to make significant changes to your treatment.


Treatment is reviewed every 12 weeks although a follow-up may be booked sooner to see if you are responding to the regime.

UK Specialists

  • Focus Medical Clinic (private)

Dr Catriona Anderson

MBCHB, BSC(HONS), MRCGP, DFSRH, Certificate in Menopause Care

Email for Booking:


Tel: 01782 703007

Medical Secretary:

Jodie Beech


Due to medical insurance regulations, Dr Anderson will only treat patients from UK and Ireland



Dr Anderson’s interest in some of the more challenging cases of long-standing microbial infections, including urinary tract infections (UTIs,) paved the way for the Focus Medical Clinic. Having encountered the fears and frustrations of many longstanding UTI sufferers, she saw a need for a specialised facility to test and treat them in a respectful way.

Motivated by her interest in this area, Dr Anderson travelled to Russia, Poland and the United States, where she observed how therapies used in recurrent infection have successfully helped a wide range of patients.

Dr Anderson continues to research this challenging and misunderstood disease area. Her scientific background affords her an in-depth understanding of the causes and the most appropriate treatment. Dr Anderson uses a variety of established treatments in a targetted approach and complements them with naturopathic remedies to provide a treatment plan tailored to the individual.

Alongside this approach, Dr Anderson is actively involved in the research and development of new treatments which she hopes will offer even better prospects to her growing list of patients.

“I feel incredibly privileged to do a job that I find both stimulating and rewarding.  My role gives me the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest research and developments in the field of medicine. This allows me to bring my knowledge and enthusiasm to the care and well being of my patients.”

  • Vik Khullar (private)

Telephone: 07500 33 4000
Landline: 020 8299 2959

Mr. Khullar is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at St Mary’s Hospital, London –
part of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
Mr. Khullar also has his private clinic in Central London at 19 Harley Street, London.
Treatment is for chronic embedded urinary tract infections with the use of high-dosage
rotational antibiotics (but may not necessarily offer long-term antibiotics).
He also tests and treats patients with possible histamine issues that can cause chronic
bladder inflammation alongside any infection which can trigger the histamine reaction.
He can be consulted for gynaecological symptoms that you may also be experiencing and
can test and treat appropriately.

Professor Vikram Khullar trained at King's College London. He is one of the first subspecialty trained urogynaecologists in the country and has a worldwide reputation in investigation, management and treatment of pelvic floor disorders and urinary problems in women.


Vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, bladder pain, overactive bladder, stress incontinence, pelvic floor damage

Research & publications

Bladder pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor damage and improving surgical outcomes

US Specialists

  • Dr Stewart Bundrick (private)


Diagnostic method: standard urine analysis and DNA/NGS.

Treatment method: antibiotics.

Dr Bundrick graduated from Louisiana Tech University and the medical school at Louisiana
State University School of Medicine in Shreveport, where he also completed his urology
He went on to Virginia Mason Medical Centre in Seattle, Washington, to complete a
graduate fellowship in urologic oncology.
Dr. Bundrick is widely published and has led many clinical trials to advance the cause of
urologic research.
He can be seen in person by US or Canadian residents. After the first in-person consult,
additional consults can either be done face-to-face or via telephone.
ARK-LA-TEX Urology, 2449 Hospital Dr, Suite 280, Bossier City, LA 71111.
Telephone: +(318) 841-4004
Fax: +(318) 841-4008

  • Dr Sachin Malde


The UTI Clinic (Code AFV)
Department of Urology
Guy’s Hospital
Great Maze Pond

Telephone: Medical secretary: 0207 188 6796

Diagnostic method: Urine culture (NHS) and broth culture/urine microscopy (private patients)


Treatment regime: Antibiotics


For NHS patients, it is not yet possible to offer the broth culture or fresh urine microscopy at this stage as these are paid non-NHS services.


Mr Sachin Malde is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London. He specialises in the management of bladder diseases (urinary symptoms, UTI, bladder pain, incontinence, bladder cancer), benign prostate enlargement, and pelvic floor disorders. He has expertise in the detailed investigation and treatment of male and female urinary incontinence, bladder pain, and recurrent and chronic UTI, and has an interest in new and novel techniques for treating these conditions. He also offers a range of treatments for other renal and urinary tract conditions, including minimally invasive treatments for bladder overactivity, incontinence, complications of previous surgery, fistula, and prostate enlargement.

Mr Malde is a subspecialist in female urology and so can assess and treat gynaecological issues. He also liaises closely with specialist gynaecologists for conditions such as endometriosis, vulval diseases and gynaecological cancers.

He qualified from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine in London, and completed his postgraduate research into the evaluation of men with incontinence after prostate surgery at University College London, for which he won the Gold medal for outstanding research. He underwent specialist fellowship training in female, functional and reconstructive urology at University College Hospital London.



Mr Malde accepts direct GP referrals from South-East London GP surgeries.

For patients based outside of South-East London, tertiary referrals are accepted from other secondary care (hospital) consultants. All referrals should be addressed to Mr Malde, UTI clinic, Code AFV. Please ensure that your GP or consultant makes a specific request for you to be seen by Mr Malde or his team.


HCA at The Shard
The Shard, St Thomas Street, London SE1 9BS

The Harley Street Clinic
16 Devonshire Street, Marylebone W1G 7AF

The London Clinic
145 Harley Street, London W1G 6BJ

LycaHealth Canary Wharf
1 West Ferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HA

BMI The Blackheath Hospital
40-42 Lee Terrace, Blackheath, London SE3 9UD

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 488 2636


Mr Malde is recognised by all UK private health insurers. Mr Malde is happy to see international patients privately, and to discuss treatment regimes with their local doctors.


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