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Who we are

Chronic UTI Global Support Ltd was founded in 2021 by campaigners who suffer with the disease.

Joanne Mckinlay created the Embedded/Chronic UTI Facebook group and has seen how devastating this illness is across the world.

The Directors, Joanne Mckinlay, Phoebe Allen and Georgiana Morar, all of whom suffer with the condition, have come together to make changes, worldwide.

Joanne Mckinlay and Phoebe Allen on

ITV News

Joanne Mckinlay's pitch to ITV News

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The mission

Chronic UTI to be fully recognised WORLDWIDE.
They are campaigning for medical professionals to follow the science. Their aim is to push
NICE into changing the current guidelines for Urinary Tract Infections and raise funds for
better research and treatment options for the condition.
They want to prevent this disease from affecting future generations.

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