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Our Work

The Directors of Chronic UTI Global Support have featured in many articles and media
outlets including the iPaper, BBC Radio 5 & ITV News.

For the latest press please see below.

Directors Joanne Mckinlay and Phoebe Allen feature in the iPaper. They share their on going battle before getting their Chronic UTI diagnosis. This article was released shortly after a peer reviewed paper was published, revealing the average length of time for those suffering to get answers. 


ITV News

Directors Joanne Mckinlay and Phoebe Allen feature in a national broadcast campaigning for better testing and treatment options for urinary tract infections. The piece involves over 10 case studies up and down the UK and how the disease has affected their lives.

BBC Radio 5

With Naga Munchetty
December 2021

Directors Joanne Mckinlay and Georgiana Morar were invited onto BBC Radio 5 to discuss current issues with testing and treatment for urinary tract infections, explaining inaccuracy of dipstick and urine culture tests. "The current treatment is letting down 25-35% of patients."

uti doc.jpg

Healthy Sceptisim

All three directors Joanne, Phoebe and Georgiana share their personal Chronic UTI journey along with other case studies. They share their harrowing experience with medical professionals, how the illness has affected their lives and how they feel their illness could have been prevented.


"Chronic UTI Crisis"
by Molly Blackall, Jasmine Andersson & Hatty Collier
October 2021

Director Joanne Mckinlay opens up and tells the world how debilitating Chronic UTIs can be, leaving people feeling suicidal due to the lack of care and placing precedence with the testing instead of listening to the patients' symptoms. Campaigners like Joanne want the world to recognise Chronic UTI.



"Its not normal to be in agony every month"
by Jasmin Andersson
October 2021

Directors Georgiana Morar and Phoebe Allen share their story with how their urinary tract infections became chronic. The two women open up with how urinary tract symptoms were ignored because of the inaccurate testing and how the infection has affected their personal relationships.


by Sarah Ingram

July 2021

"It’s the gynaecological equivalent of a heart attack but I was told to drink water."

- Joanne Mckinlay

Directors Joanne Mckinlay and Phoebe Allen feature in one of the first articles ever made on Chronic Urinary Tract Infections.


They both discuss how their UTI became chronic, how they were ignored by medical professionals.

They highlight the horrors of the disease and Joanne explains why she was rushed into hospital with Urosepsis. 

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