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How you can help

Chronic UTI Global Support want to help drive forward change in this space, so that the next generation do not have to suffer with this life-changing illness. 


Adults and children worldwide suffer with UTI’s.


Many people are undiagnosed and dismissed for years or wrongly diagnosed under the current guidelines with Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome.


This sector is poorly understood and many patients have been led down the wrong path for many years which can lead to further complications such as kidney infections, urosepsis and even death.


Donations for this cause will go to research and treatment options in this sector.


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 cUTI merchandise


The cUTIcollective are a group of creative individuals diagnosed with Chronic UTI. 


They are fundraising/campaigning for Chronic UTI by creating & selling art/chronic illness merchandise.


All proceeds go towards the charity


 If you would like to purchase an item visit their online shop & Instagram page


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